Premium Profiled listing


Bedre synlighet, og bedre effekt både på Google og på Cospacify. Tilgang til redigering av oppføring. Fornyes automatisk.

Du kan si opp fra ditt brukerpanel eller kontakte oss hvis du ønsker det.

Du får opp et kvalitetsstempel for godkjent oppføring.




Profiled listing. Get profiled on Surfadesk. Your listing gets above non-profiled listings, and it gets a red box in the search results. The traffic on Cospacify is from SEO Google Ads, and other channels.

SEO advantages, get a link to your own webpage or Facebook page.

Access to edit listing. Renewed automatically. Possible to cancel from user panel or by contacting us. You get a quality stamp for approved listing.

There is one difference form the standard profiled listing. This package contains a Google local listing built, optimized and maintained.

Price is 450 per month, and 299 when paying for a year.